Management of PPC campaigns

Our PPC services are designed to help grow your business with the highest return on investment for online advertising.

PPC campaigns, whether they are Google Adwords - eTarget - Facebook ads or Twitter ads, can generate regular targeted traffic, which is essential if you want to sell more.

Our PPC services are tailored to your needs and are geared to your business goals. Our goal is simple and clear: earn more money. Our long-term experience in the online world and proven tactics guarantee you success in the field of PPC.

Profit from your PPC campaigns.


Benefits of Google Adwords PPC Campaigns

Here are the 3 main benefits of Google Adwords campaigns.

  1. instant results - bring targeted traffic to your website within minutes
  2. huge targeting options - targeting keywords, location, language, time of day, and more
  3. cost-effective - you pay only if someone clicks on your ad (PPC - Pay Per Click)

Google Adwords versus Facebook Ads

What is more effective? Which channel is better for higher conversions?

Both can be highly effective, but both need a different approach, because others are the intention of people on Google and others on Facebook.

  • Google: People use Google to find a solution to their problem. e.g. "accommodation in low tatras", "moving to Bratislava". For this, it's good to use Google AdWords to target people who are actively looking for a solution to your problem because you can solve this problem.
  • Facebook: People use Facebook to connect with people and share the different information that they like or who care about. That's why Facebook Ads is suited to the issues people may want to solve, but they are not actively looking for or problems that they do not even know they can have. This is a kind of interest.

Our recommendation: You can allocate your budget for both channels and find out which channel will bring you a better result.

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