Web design and web site development in Drupal

Drupal is an open source CMS system that has a multilingual system in its DNA and a high level of security.

Drupal web application development and web site development is ideal for larger sites with robust and specific requirements. However, it is possible to set up a simple business presentation with Drupal. Drupal is used by various government organizations, universities and businesses around the world. Drupal runs more than 1 million pages.


The number of web pages we have built on Drupal so far.

Let's talk about web solutions built on Drupal.

Examples of websites we built on Drupal.

Webdesign for Moris Slovakia

Webdesign pre Moris Slovakia
Web site for car dealer in Košice Moris Slovakia on the Drupal 8 platform - connecting with the basic system for displaying vehicles for immediate take-off.


Webdesign for Hotel Repiská

Webdesign pre Hotel Repiská na Drupal 7
Web sites for the hotel network of Repiská built on Drupal 7 platform - a hotel reservation system, management of stay packages, a connection to CardPay payment gateway.


Webdesign for DETECHA.sk

Webdesign pre Hotel Repiská na Drupal 7
Eshop pre Detecha.sk na Drupal 7 (Drupal commerce) - prepojenie na systém Pohoda.


Flexible and robust webdesign in Drupal

Drupal CMS is an open source system with a broad base of developers and a strong user community.

Drupal works reliably with all kinds of web sites. From government and non-profit organizations to universities and hospitals. It's a CMS system that runs more than 1 million sites.

Thanks to its modularity, Drupal 7 or a new Drupal 8 is ideal for sites that have:

  • a large amount of content
  • are connected to other basic systems
  • multilingual content
  • multiple sites / domains (so-called multisite)
  • ecommerce functionality

Drupal 8 admin interface

What kind of project would you like to realize?
Build communities, portals, eshops, and much more with Drupal CMS!

Interný vývojový Drupal tím

In-house development of Drupal web applications

No outsourcing, but an internal team of developers in Košice.

Our in-house team will create a Drupal based web application that suits your needs. We have proven processes and procedures from strategy to site launch.

Your new Drupal website will be the ideal base for your digital strategy.

Migrate, maintain and support Drupal web sites

We'll help you when you need it.

We offer continuous support:

  • security updates to the Drupal core
  • updating third-party modules
  • monitoring your web pages right after they start
  • site backups on a regular basis.

Our support team, even after launching the site, solves everything from bug fixes, various site performance issues, CMS system updates, and third-party patch updates to the incorporation of new features on the Web site.

We will also provide you with a web hosting that is optimized for running Drupal web pages. And when you need help (everybody sometimes needs it), we'll be here. Our support is available for you.

Contact us.

Interná podpora Drupal web stránok

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