Webdesign for Hotel Repiská

HBP, a.s. called us to completely redesign the websites for their hotel network in order to increase web site traffic and consequently the number of hotel reservations. How did we do that?

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What was the challenge?

The new website should present the entire hotel network of HBP, a.s. in a single visual style, replacing 6 hotel websites. In addition, HBP needed full control over its business strategy, and therefore an content management system that will allow the company to flexibly work with content at any time, add and change residence packages, and manage reservations in individual hotels.

Responsive webdesign

The Repiská website invites its users to their visual and informative content, including an extensive gallery of high-resolution photos and appropriate optimized search engine text.

By combining high-quality photos and web text, it creates a clear picture of accommodation in the Low Tatras in their individual facilities, including sites dedicated to the sauna world and state-of-the-art wellness services and procedures.

This modern design ultimately increases conversions by simplifying the booking process for users.

Responzívny design - Hotel Repiská
Hotel Repiská*** -


What the client got.

Responzívny webdesign
Responsive webdesign
Rezervačný systém
Reservation system
Zvýšenie konverzií
Increase in revenue

Web site technology platform


Použitím technológie Drupal 7, na ktorej beží web stránka, získava spoločnosť HBP komplexnú kontrolu nad svojimi priamymi tokmi príjmov.

By using Drupal 7 technology on which the site is running, HBP has a comprehensive control over its direct income streams.

Simple and intuitive functionality created specifically for the hotel segment allows the hotel

  • maximize revenue from a direct online channel
  • flexibly resolve the occupancy of the hotel
  • convert website visitors to customers

to meet the goals that were not possible before.

Hotel Repiská ***
Do you want to relax in the picturesque countryside of the Low Tatras?

Technology & Functionality


Reservation system

The reservation system for Hotel Repiská is part of the website solution, which is directly integrated with the CMS system. The booking system allows:

  • create any number of rooms and allocate accessibility via calendar

  • set individual room rates for specific dates or for longer periods, e.g. 3 months forward (bulk room prices)

  • define optional room accessories, one-time services, recurring services, extra beds

  • manage discounts on accommodation for children

  • create reservations and keep customer records

  • to define and manage hotel accommodation packages

Different types of paragraphs

For CMS system administrators, there are various types of content from which any new page can be populated. These are paragraphs (content elements):

  • basic text - full-text text
  • two columns - the content on the page is divided into 2 halves
  • three columns - the content on the page is divided into 3-thirds
  • separate image - add an image centered on the center
  • photo gallery - an unlimited amount of photo galleries that can be added anywhere within any subpage
  • form - Add a new custom field form to any site
  • attachments - add an attachment of any format
  • stay packages - add pre-defined stay packages to any place on the site
  • newsletter - add a form to collect email addresses
  • call to action - paragraph to add title, description, and call-to-action to a pre-defined action on a predefined sub-page
  • gmap - paragraph to add a virtual tour from Google
  • YouTube video - paragraph to add any YouTube videos


CardPay payment system

The site is linked to Tatrabanka's CardPay payment system, which makes it easy for customers to purchase hotel services and offers them a simple, fast and secure way of payment via payment cards.

Prepojenie cez platobný systém CardPay
Linking through the CardPay payment system


Multisite, multilingual

One code, multiple sites, multiple language mutations.


Hotel Repiská


Hotel Barbora


Chata Barborka


Bačova Roveň


Rekreačné stredisko Púšť


Top Caffe


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